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Purchase E-Book ($25)


First, purchase the e-book to begin preparing for your interviews

I've been in big tech for almost my entire career and have interviewed and been interviewed hundreds of times. This has given me unique visibility and insight into exactly how to ace a product design interview. This comprehensive e-book distills all of those insights to help you ace your UX interview. It outlines the different interview formats, how to approach them, and what questions to prepare for.

Disclaimer: This document in no way represents the view of my employer or their interview process. All advice is generalized and based on my years of experience in the field.

Purchase E-Book ($25)

Are you a student?

Email me at garron.engstrom@gmail.com from your university email to receive a free copy.


Second, download these templates to stand out from the crowd

I've developed several resources over the years that I have now made available to the public. These templates will help you stand out to recruiters, hiring managers and the interviewing team.

Portfolio Template

This 50+ slide deck is the perfect place to start to nail that upcoming product design interview.


Resume Template

This resume template is beautifully crafted and will help you highlight your skills and product impact.


Whiteboard Template

This is the perfect template to help you prepare for and ace your upcoming Problem Solving interview.



Finally, schedule a 1:1 coaching session

During this 60 minute session, Garron will help you prepare for your upcoming Product Design interview. He will brief you on the top UX interview formats and conduct a few mock interviews. You will also receive the e-book for free.

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